Welcome Guide

Community source for everything about LTO Network. Join our journey!

Instead of having a traditional token-related website, our main website LTO.network serves as a funnel for clients and blockchain integrators. To explain technical, marketing, token, and business aspects - we use this GitBook. Let's make blockchain adoption happen here and today, together!

What's the secret sauce here?

  • We have been developing software and blockchain products since 2015 -> more

  • Our solution is GDPR compliant, usually a huge challenge for blockchain technology -> more

  • We have unique hybrid architecture with permissionless private chains -> more

  • Our products are ready, our mainnet is live and it is used by multiple integrators -> more

  • You can join our journey and earn LTO in the process - could you help with adoption, become a validator, secure the network, or build your own business on LTO Network? -> more

With LTO Network, you don't have to be just a passive holder. You can engage in daily activities, help us with clients, build tools - and earn more LTO in the process!

Company Area

Here you can find all the factual information about LTO Network, including the technology, token utility and distribution, our clients and more. The goal of this section is to provide a complete overview of the project and is provided by the LTO team directly.




How LTO Network started, core team, and advisors. Drop by at the office!


LTO Network in 100, 300 and 500 words + a few key articles on GDPR.


Mainnet and ERC-20 token, bridge troll, sale stages, and market cap.


Use cases, clients, integrators, and blockchain partners.


Achieved milestones and future goals.


A list of questions and answers.

Community Area

This section is dedicated to involving the community in our daily development. We do not just announce clients and post updates, we empower the community to change the course of LTO Network's development.



Staking & Mining

Set up a node, stake or lease to other community members.

Social Mining

Hold LTO, help us with different tasks - and be rewarded for it.

If you have mainnet LTO, you can combine social mining with network mining.

Tech Tools

Community-developed stats tools, wallet tracker, and so on.

Log of Updates

A log of weekly updates, as well as the most important news and events.

Developer Area

This section is dedicated to the more technically-advanced, including information about hashing, NG protocol, transactions types, API documentation, and other code features.



Rest API

Address, Blocks, Peers, and Utils.

LTO Node

Setup requirements, and LTO environment specifications.

LTO Protocol

About NG, Data Structures, and LPoS.