Pre-ICO Reviews

Community reviews and reports. Add your research to the list!

We value constructive criticism. If you still have questions after going through this GitBook, don't hesitate to ask more questions on Telegram/Reddit/Twitter. Since ICO in January 2019 we have had a lot more updates, those you can check in Log of Updates.

There have been quite a few reports and reviews on LTO Network, which touch upon different aspects of the technology and business development. If you would like to do a deep-dive and bring out something new, that would be great!

Code reviews

šŸ–„ ICO Ventures Code Review āš™ļø Andre Cronje Code Review šŸ’« MixBytes Token and Smart Contract auditā€‹

Video interviews

šŸŽ¦ Interview with Blockchain Brad šŸ“± AMA with CryptoArnie and ICOdog šŸ”… Explanatory video by ChicoCrypto šŸ’€ Interview with Crypto Zombieā€‹

ICO reviews

āœ… Messari šŸ’§ICODrops šŸ‘½ Luntik Reviews šŸ‹ Black Whale šŸ¦ Blockchain Lobsters šŸ¶ ICODOG šŸ’  CryptoDiffer šŸŗ Wolf Crypto āš” CryptoCalibur šŸ‘¹ Crypto Daku šŸ’£ Uzi šŸ¤– Krisma šŸ¦ˆ SharkCIA šŸ’¤ Zerononcense āŗ FundaMint šŸ‘“ Sherlock [ru] šŸ¤” Zavodil [ru]

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