Social Mining

A globally applicable mini-ambassador programme. You can become one too!

The power of a community is that every member is able to function as an autonomous actor and work for the benefit of that community. It's a more scalable and a more transparent way of working. With the benefits of the blockchain, economics amplify the effects of distributed work.

You can help us with:

  • Adoption: bring clients and integrators to the network -> chat

  • Marketing: write articles, spread the word around -> chat

  • Building: creating tools and Live Contracts -> chat

As a community, we should demonstrate to others our serious approach and encourage everyone to talk about speculation as little as possible. Try to get new members into LTO Network community based on substantial value of the project!

Be rewarded for your work

Working+Holding=RewardsWorking + Holding = Rewards

Genius math, right? Well, it's more complex than that, but you get the idea.

It's not an airdrop or a bounty program, it's a living organism which rewards active community workers. Maning You improve your position if you are:

  • getting more reputation

  • holding LTO for longer

  • holding more LTO

  • getting more points

The criteria like reputation and time of holding are the most important. Less so the amount of holding and the platform points. Altogether, they form an index for every member individually. Then a mean number is taken across platform and a token amount is allocated to the entire participant list. Every community member can try to over-perform the mean index to get the best ranking by doing more tasks. The higher you are, the more you get. Think of it like Bitcoin hash rate. It's a smart system, where a big passive holder would get diminishing returns, which would make it fair for someone who cannot buy too much LTO, but creates value.

Set up your account

  • Register on the Community Platform

  • Connect a wallet where you hold LTO (you need to own private keys of those wallet). It can be either an ERC-20 or mainnet wallet. If you have mainnet LTO, you can also combine it with network mining. You need to hold minimum 1000 LTO.

  • Fill in mainnet wallet address for receiving rewards later on. In case you already hold mainnet LTO, just keep that address.

  • That's it! Share your work in the chat, and we will keep updating the leaderboard. If we missed some of your work - don't hesitate to send it again.

The important feature is your rank, which predominantly depends on your reputation (community involvement). It's not as essential to climb higher every week or a month, as long as you maintain a healthy position within the community. If someones becomes less active, you take their place.