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First of all, go to website will give you understanding of the technology does and the use cases. Read about the Proof Engine and the Workflow Engine to see where they can be applied. Then check the About Adoption section to read about the Strategic Business Plan for 2019 - this will help you understand what our focus and competition is.

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Potential clients for LTO Network

End clients

We have two products (engines). Even though we separate them only into two products, it's only from the technical perspective. In practice, they applied to the entire DTM market: Proof of Existence (public chain) and Decentralized Workflows (private & public chain).

Proof of Existence

This can be relevant for organisations that work with confidential data like documents/contracts, patents, permits, certificates or diplomas.

Decentralized workflows

This is relevant for organisations that collaborate on a single process with multiple parties, have a trust issue and need to validate each others actions. Logistics/Transportation, Governments, Insurance, Banking, Legal departments and public services deal with high administrative burdens can benefit a lot from this technology.

  • Possible prospects: governments, public services, logistics and transportation, healthcare. The applications are very wide, and the engine can be connected to legacy systems for smooth adoption


Companies which develop web applications that want to integrate blockchain for security reasons (Data integrity). Applications for inspections, files, documents, KYC, digital signing e.g..

IT companies and blockchain consultants

IT companies which build or integrate solutions for big corporates. Organisations which have their own blockchain teams or smaller IT companies (50+ employees) with blockchain focus and experience.

More information on use cases is availabe on the LTO Network website.