Tech Lab

Building tools and Live Contracts.

We have a production-ready product and seamless API experience, you can build tools, integrate anchoring in your applications and help us develop Live Contracts.

Join the Tech Chat. You can earn extra reputation by running a node.

The community has built quite a few amazing tools already, check out the list here:

Build your own tool

Do you want to improve the current tools, build your own, or contribute something else? Let's work together! To minimize the amount of redundant work, there are a few helpful things you can find to start. Thus, we can improve on existing tools without re-building every time.

  • Statistics API (data from the past 24hrs constantly being updated: transaction count and block time, but it does not store transactions). We are working on providing access to a full blockchain database, for now please message in the Telegram chat.

  • UI framework which you can use to start building tools.

  • Low-level SDK (API) to create accounts, seeds and transactions: js, PHP, and Java.

Of course, you work will not go unrewarded! Check out Social Mining section for more info.