Previous accomplishments and goals for the future.

We have a developed solution, mainnet is functioning. There is no need to trust someone to deliver. It's ready. Let's work together on improving it and getting users.

Technical upgrades:

  • Summary blocks and LPOI in Q3/Q4 2019

  • Improving documentation for Anchoring and Decentralized workflows throughout 2019

The base layer is ready. Our daily work evolves around bringing more adoption to the ecosystem and build what users actually need.

LTO Network is not just a promise in a whitepaper.

These are the only major milestone left to expect, however, it's not a crucial network change, it's an upgrade to the existing infrastructure. Next to that, it's constant improvements like better UI, more stats tools, Self-Sovereign Identity Integration, tokenization of shares, STOs, and so on. However, those cannot be put on a timeline, because it usually depends on clients and integrators, as well as legislation when it comes to things like tokenization of assets.

On this page we will keep the log of major updates and releases, starting from January 2019:

Milestones 2015 to 2019




LegalThings v1

The release of the first white label version of the LegalThings platform. This version introduced a document and form builder, a document management system, advanced user and permission management and digital signing.

May 2015

LegalFlow v1

We created software for FIRM24 to run the procedures for incorporations. Other customers were also interested in these digitized procedures. We did a small pivot, changing the focus to digitizing the contracts as FSM (Finite State Machine), rather than just signing.

Jan 2016

Bitcoin anchoring

We explored different methods of providing proof of signed documents. Other solution providers acted as trusted third party, using ISO certificates to portray their honesty. We wanted a better solution that didn’t rely on having to trust us, which we found in using blockchain for proof of existence.

Sep 2016

PoC on Ethereum

We experimented with Ethereum Smart Contracts and found out that they could only be used for self-enforcing agreements. Inherent constraints make them unusable for legally binding contracts. Instead, we found a much better solution in using our FSM in combination with the blockchain.

May 2017

Hackhaton winner by the Dutch Ministry of Justice

During the blockchain hackathon organized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, we demonstrated that a whole legal procedure can be digitized as an FSM and stored on the blockchain. This got us the 1st prize in the event which included the assignment to create the first digitized legal procedures for the Dutch legislative system on the blockchain.

Sep 2017

Seed round

We were lucky to grow an enthusiastic community who believed in our vision: friends, fellow start-up founders around Europe, and some executives of local companies. With their help, we raised 1.4M USD for the seed round.

Dec 2017

GDPR concept

We realized that our solution could solve the issue of GDPR compliance and blockchain compatibility, and we needed just a few tweaks to achieve that. That was going to extend the scope of our solution and allow us to focus on a big public sector market: enterprises, multinationals, and governments.

Jan 2018

PoC for the Dutch Ministry of Justice

We built a Proof of Concept of the new solution for the Ministry of Justice and Security, following up on the hackathon win of 2017.

Feb 2018

EU tender winner for Waste Transportation

We won the European Union level tender by the Dutch government to streamline waste transportation among UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands using the blockchain technology.

Feb 2018


We partnered up with CMS, a multinational law firm headquartered in London with 1.3 billion USD in revenue in 2017, for a joint project on tokenization of shares.

Mar 2018

BlockChaingers 'best code'

We attended the biggest hackathon together with the WAVES team and were awarded ‘the best code’ prize from BlockChaingers.

April 2018


We started working with DEKRA, a European vehicle inspection company (insurance sector) with over 3 billion USD revenue in 2017, for their GDPR compliant solution.

May 2018

PoC for Waste Transportation tender launch

We launched the testnet solution with the Dutch and Belgian governments following up on the tender, and organized an event in our Amsterdam office together with NuCypher, POA Network, and others, who later on became our technical partners.

June 2018

New docs release

We validated and released new documentation: Sales Plan paper, Business Plan paper, Technical paper, Token Economy paper, and Token Financial paper.

Aug 2018

Real Estate fair

After the first Real Estate contract on the blockchain with Merin, which was done in May 2018, we were awarded runner-up at Exporeal and REIN Innovation competition.

Oct 2018

Dell & Accenture competition

We got to the finals of Dell EMC & Accenture competition yet again presenting to multiple potentials client leads.

Nov 2018

Private sale

After a year of working, we raised private sale round of 1.68M USD.

Dec 2018

Mainnet launch and crowd sale

We launched mainnet and closed the last round of token sale, raising 990,000 USD in the last round.

Jan 2019